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DSC_0269 DSC_0267 DSC_0266 DSC_0265Tonight on Dùiche TG4 * 8 O’Clock



Episode 9

Thursday, March 12th, 8pm 

Rescue on the mountain on Duiche!

This week Duiche takes to the hills – or to the mountain to be exact.

Presenter Sile Nic Chonaonaigh is on Ireland’s tallest and most dangerous mountain to meet the men and women who voluntarily come to the aid of mountaineers in trouble.

Every year thousands of people come to Killarney to climb Corrán Tuathail and the

Macguilicuddys reeks. With the popularity of Hillwalking increasing year on year so too has the number of rescues for the Kerry Mountain Rescue team. With over 50 people assisted last year, it takes a huge amount of commitment from its volunteer members.


Sile is on Carrantuohill with the Kerry Mountain Rescue team for a training day as they gear up for another busy year on Ireland’s most dangerous mountain range.

Sile watches them take a volunteer down the mountain on a stretcher as a training exercise and meets the Cronin family whose farmyard “Cronins Yard” has served as an unofficial carpark and starting point for many hillwalkers for years.


Other stories that feature from around the country include:


How a Galway father and daughter are keeping the craft of bookbinding alive and in business!


And the story of a another father living in County Clare who gave up his careers to devote his time to job to helping his son Fionn, who has Down Syndrome, to pursue his passions for music and film-making.


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